That Feeling of Empowerment! Let’s Do This!

Do you sometimes feel as though you don’t quite have control of your life? Do you ever think that you’re even out of control?

Then it is definitely time to learn how to take that control back and feel empowered when it comes to writing and creating your own story. Let’s talk about self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment means taking control of your life. It means achieving your inner peace and knowing that you are the expert on YOU. You are the only one setting your own goals and making your own choices. Self-empowerment means standing up for what you truly believe in and going after what you truly want in your life.

Feeling self-empowered takes understanding who YOU really are. What are your values, strengths, weaknesses, and challenges? What motivates you? What is it that makes you feel empowered?

You can do this! It’s time to create your own story and know you are empowered to be the best self you can be.

Here are some great ways to feel that personal self-empowerment as you do work on becoming your best self:

Being in alignment with your true self and environment help you to become more aware of the power you have within you to control your reactions and emotions. This complete sense of awareness helps you to understand whether you respond or react to others as well as things going on in your surrounding environments like anger or unrealistic expectations, including behavior from others or even yourself. Having a better understanding will allow you the power to control your actions, by reacting or responding in a positive way. Remember you cannot always control your environment, situation or people, but you can control how you handle yourself.

Leave the Past in the Past
Being present and being in the “now” is vital to creating peace in your life and being on your way to feeling self-empowered. Forgive where it’s needed and let go of anger and grudges from past events and experiences. Recognize the past for what it is and leave it where it is.

A Willingness to Open Your Mind
Take control of your mindset and be willing to open up to better habits, new positive thoughts, and beliefs. What if you explored alternative ways of relaxing and stress reduction that you hadn’t thought of or maybe have been a little skeptical of such as meditation. It could have positive changing effects! What if you value your opinions as being what’s best for you instead of taking the word of others over your feelings and beliefs? Taking control of your thoughts and mindset will leave you feeling more empowered to move in the direction that you desire.

Your Judgment and the Truth
On your way to that fulfillment of being self-empowered is trusting in your self and being truthful about who you are and where your values and beliefs fall. Being truthful to yourself also means treating yourself the same way you would treat others. If you are treating yourself as less than or worse than you are treating others, it only works to take your control away from you and takes away your ability to feel empowered that self-love. You can trust and love your true self.

Self-Care Is Key
A big part of becoming self-empowered is recognizing the importance of self-care. To become the best self you can be, it’s so important to take care of yourself. You can only be there for others if you are there for yourself first. Take time to meditate, get a work out in or enjoy a walk at sunset or on the beach. Release the day and enjoy the moments. Make those doctor and dentist appointments to keep your health in check and your control.

Enjoy the Journey
Be present and be grateful for the things you have right in front of you, they are the greatest gifts. Accept the challenges you have knowing they are empowering events, which means you are on your way, a step closer in your journey towards self-empowerment, self-love, and peace. You are becoming the best YOU!

It’s time! Create your own self-empowerment story!

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