Practicing Self-Care

We’ve talked about the importance of self-love and the impact it has on how we become the best self we can be. Self-care is a part of what we do to express that self-love. Taking care of ourselves puts us in a better place, allowing us to create strong connections and relationships with our friends, family and loved ones, including ourselves. We can only be at our best when we are full of life and energy.

Self-care is really about being purposeful and mindful when it comes to taking care of our minds and bodies. It’s about doing those activities that help you reboot your energy and your health. Without practicing self-care, we run the risk of exhaustion and living with brain fog.

We all get busy with our lives like taking care of the kids, working long hours and even taking care of our friends. Often we put ourselves at the bottom of the list when it comes to our own physical and mental health.

Sometimes we become so focused on achieving our goals and working to meet unrealistic or excessive expectations that we almost become accustomed to feeling exhausted and unbalanced. It doesn’t have to be that way, and it shouldn’t.

Self-care can be as simple as sharing lunch with a friend or calling just to say hello. It’s the small things that make you feel great. Or, self-care can involve taking bigger steps towards change like changing careers or even moving to a new location.

Self-care is an investment, a lifelong commitment to fill your tank and is vital to growing and nurturing your relationship with self and others. Take time away from the busyness of life and its demands, saying “No” to what doesn’t serve you and “Yes” to whatever it is that excites you. Follow your heart and passion. Self-care involves doing what will do your body, mind and soul best. And, wellness today, is wellness tomorrow.

Self-care is forming habits of the small things that together work to make your life and body balanced. These are the steps to really practicing self-love and becoming your best self.

Even asking for help is a huge opportunity to take some pressure off yourself, and you might even be amazed at how empowered you feel!

Here are some great and easy ways to practice self-care and incorporate those small activities into your daily life to provide more balance and increase your energy, both mind, and body:

Schedule weekly “me time.”
Take a break from the day just to stretch.
Make one small change to your diet each week, for example, drinking more water or reducing your sugar intake.
Re-establish a connection with a friend with whom you’ve lost along the way.
Get a manicure and a pedicure.
Schedule a massage.
Yoga-take a class or find a great program to enjoy at home.
Try something new—a new activity, new food, or a new book
Purge-purge a closet, your desk, or even a drawer in the kitchen-it’s such a great feeling!
Try meditation or even just sitting quietly by yourself for a few quiet breaths.

The bottom line is that every little thing you do to take care of yourself results in a significant change, how you feel and how you function today and tomorrow.

By beginning small and incorporating those small self-care activities, you are showing your own self-love and on your way to becoming your better self.

Remember it is up to YOU!

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