Where do you want to be when it comes to your health? Your professional life? Your family life? Setting goals and achieving them can help you be the best you can be!

Your goals are a reflection of YOU!

When you set your goals, you are showing a piece of your own identity. Your goals are a reflection of who you are and what is important to you. As you think about setting goals, be sure they are what YOU want to achieve and not something that is either expected of you or a reflection of someone else’s identity. It’s all about YOU!

Write your goals down

When you write your goals down and can visually reflect on them, there’s almost an unspoken commitment. You see them right in front of you each day. It makes it just that much easier to focus on what it’ll take to become the best you can be.

Be specific with your goals

As you set your goals, no matter what area of your life they are meant to impact, ensure that they are specific. For example, if you are a runner and your goal is to train for your first 5K, you would need a plan. Your new goal would be to complete X miles per day or week leading up to your race date.

Or if your goal is to create a healthier lifestyle, you would start small by creating small, sustainable and maintainable approaches to your diet. You may now start prepping your meals or going for a short walk. Over time, these small changes eventually lead up to greater ones, resulting in your ideal healthier lifestyle.

By creating small, sustainable, maintainable goals and creating new habits, you are more likely to adhere to them over time. On the contrary, we all want instant results, however, if we go to the extreme by creating unrealistic goals, chances are we will rebound and in most cases be worse off than where you started and with a feeling defeated.

For example, “I just need to lose 10lbs.” So you start a “fad diet” lose 10lbs, now what? You’ve most likely gained the 10lbs plus back. That is because everything in life takes time. There are no quick fixes; it requires patience and work.

Start small, stay consistent and progress will build over time.

Set short term milestones

Setting short term milestones really helps keep you on track to reach that bigger goal. If your goal is to become that better runner, and you’ve set that goal to run at least four times a week, then your milestones can be focused on the build-up of those actions. Those short-term milestones can also help you feel less overwhelmed as you work towards your end result giving you mini-celebrations along the way!

One goal at a time

Focus on one goal at a time allowing you to the opportunity to see real progress toward becoming the best you can be and celebrating success along the way!

Remember, you Create your own story!

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