Do you sometimes feel like the fitness journey is not meant for you? Does a workout feel like a burden? Do you give up after a few days in the gym? Do you feel like others are doing better than you on their fitness journey? Well, you are not alone.

This has happened to almost all of us at one time or the other. Most of us have at one time or the other had to struggle with a negative mindset in the fitness journey, and how you deal with it is the most important thing.

You must adopt a positive mindset in this journey, after all, it all begins in the mind. Your attitude plays a huge role in your success or failure.

So, what does a positive mindset do for you on your fitness journey?

  1. There is a greater likelihood of working out

When in a positive mindset, you are more likely to go to the gym. Do you remember the last time you were feeling down? Chances are, you did not feel like going to the gym or grabbing your running shoes. It is highly likely that you felt like just lying on the couch and cursing the day, right?

Working out raises the levels of endorphins (the feel-good hormone), and working out might actually improve your moods! When you are in a better mood, you are likely to go back to the gym regularly. See? It is a cycle of positivity and workout. 

  1. You get to have more fun

We all like to have some fun, right? Do not go into your workouts thinking about how much “it sucks” or thinking about how lazy you feel. If you are not excited about your workouts, you will definitely not enjoy them. Step into the gym with a positive mindset. Think about your friends at the gym, your goals, that dress you cannot wait to fit into, or just how good it feels to be healthier. You are more likely to enjoy your workouts and chances of working out regularly are much higher.

  1. The power of “I can”

Have you ever thought that there is no way you can run a certain distance, or there is no way you can lift some weight? Well, these sentiments are familiar, but they only set you up for failure. Putting yourself down constantly leads you to actually believe that you cannot do it and you are less likely to even try. Do not give up so easily!

Goals may seem far off, but through perseverance, hard work, and motivation, they are attainable. Positive affirmations will make your workouts more fun, making your moods better.

How to stop the negative thoughts.

There is a need for you to stop the negative thoughts and start thinking positively. So how do you do this?

  • Celebrate the little things like the fact that you are healthy enough to exercise- That is a blessing and you should be excited about it. Think about how just a few hours in the gym every week will improve your quality of life.
  • Vent! Look for a friend or a family member and talk- This will go a long way in clearing your mind and improving your moods.
  • Stop worrying about the little, insignificant things- Enjoy your life, have a positive attitude, be happy, and your body and mind will definitely thank you.
  • Keep reminding yourself why you are doing it- Before starting the fitness journey, you must have had some goals written down or etched on the back of your mind. As mentioned earlier, it could be that cute dress you wish to fit into, your target weight, or muscle definition. Keep your eyes on the prize by constantly reminding yourself of why you started.
  • Visualize yourself at the goal- Think about how good you will look or feel once you get to your goal. This will definitely make your progress towards it. Also, picture yourself performing the tasks that are necessary to achieve the goal like cooking healthy meals, or kicking ass during your workout. This will definitely improve your attitude and confidence.
  • Forgive yourself- have you fallen off the wagon? Did you find yourself indulging in a bowl of ice-cream? Well, do not beat yourself up. It is important, however, for you to realize that the behavior was not in line with your goals, but dwelling on it will not help. You may have fallen, but do not stay down. Forgive yourself a fresh start.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others- you are an individual, and comparing yourself to that guy or girl in the gym will only make you feel demotivated. We are all different, have different body shapes and sizes, and your individual genetics determine how your body responds to lifestyle changes. A diet or workout plan that works for someone else may not necessarily yield the same results for you, so self-experimentation and regular tracking of results are necessary.
  • Focus on progress, not perfection- you cannot achieve your goals on day one! That person in the gym whose body you admire can clearly tell you that they did not do it in a day, it took them time, dedication, and lots of hard work to get where they are. Concentrate on improving daily, and the bigger picture will come to be in due course. Progress will build confidence, which in turn will give you momentum and accelerate progress.
  • Develop a community mindset- a positive and supportive community will drive you to work towards change. Join an online support group either on social media or on the workout apps that are available, make friends and have them motivate you. You can also have friends or family as your support community.
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